A beautiful and smart way to save

Introducing Australia’s best solar roofing and energy management solution to cut your energy bills. Bristile Solar brings together the latest in clean energy, solar and battery technology to our stylish and durable roof tile range. Your best investment for now and the future.

Solar Tiles & Panels

Solar Tiles & Panels

Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter

Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Monitoring Package

Monitoring Package

How it works

The solar cells capture energy from the sun and turn it into electricity, which is passed through the inverter and converted into a form that you can use to power your home. By storing your own power and not returning power to the grid, you are in control of how much power you use, pay and save.


Solar Cells capture energy


Bristile Integrated Solar Tiles

Australia’s Best Quality Integrated Solar Tiles

Our customers expect the best in performance and style from our products. Bristile Solar is no exception. You’ll be getting solar power from a roof that will generate power for 25 years – guaranteed*, and for a 10 year period we guarantee the structural integrity of the solar cells* used in our integrated solar solutions. Integrated tiles are made from premium monocrystalline cells and low iron, hail resistant tempered glass, with designs available to suit your choice of two roof tile profiles, ceramic or concrete.

Integrate your solar tiles with a stylish and durable rooftile

The roof is one of the most important surface areas of your home, impacting the overall style, durability and energy efficiency of your home. For this reason the choice of roofing material is paramount to creating a beautiful, lasting home.

Planum Ceramic Tiles

Planum Ceramic Tiles

for everlasting beauty

Prestige Concrete Tiles

Prestige Concrete Tiles

for a look of distinction


Bristile Traditional Solar Panels

Australia’s Best Quality Traditional Solar Panel

Bristile Traditional Solar Panels are selected from a range of leading manufacturers including Longi, Trina, and Suntech, to best suit your needs, and bolted on to a rooftop frame either flat to your roof, or tilted to better capture the Sun. The panels are made from premium cells, with hail resistant glass, designed to last.

Our customers expect the best in performance and style from our products. Bristile Traditional Solar Panels are no exception. You’ll be getting solar power from a solar panel that has a performance warranty of 25 years.

Superior Inverters convert power

A solar inverter is a device that transforms DC battery or solar panel power into mains type AC power; suitable for use by regular appliances. A solar inverter is an integral part of a system, but attention to this aspect is often overlooked. You can have the best solar panels available, but if your solar inverter is of poor quality, overall system performance can be greatly impacted.



Optimised energy management for the home

We draw from a range of top quality inverters including Sungrow, SMA, and Fronius, making the ideal choice for your home environment.



With Battery options from some of the worlds top manufacturers including Tesla and sonnen, we can provide the storage system that suits you, and coupled with the additional monitoring potential you’ll be able to see exactly how your energy portfolio looks.
If you want to keep the lights on when the power goes out, we have options to suit your needs.

Battery Storage

Smart battery and storage technology

More than just a batteries, Bristile supplies the world’s leading intelligent energy storage systems that automatically adjust to the energy usage of your home. Battery storage optimises the performance of your solar energy management system by allowing you to store and use power in peak periods to reduce energy costs.

Battery storage system capacities

It is important to view the full range of battery characteristics before making your selection. Please contact your Bristile Solar expert to assist you in choosing a system to meet your energy usage requirements.

Smart monitoring Packages


Standard Monitoring

Integrated smart monitoring technology

With the standard monitoring technology package you receive real time data on how your system is performing, how much energy is generated, and how you can optimise your system to reduce grid energy reliance.


Advanced Monitoring

Integrated smart monitoring and energy optimisation technology

With the superior monitoring and energy optimisation technology you can view your systems performance and see how the system is learning your energy usage patterns to optimise power provision at key times of the day when you need it. This means the system is learning your needs and helping you increase your energy self-sufficiency.


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