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The New South Wales Building and Sustainability Index (BASIX) has classified colours into light medium and dark on the basis of their solar absorptance as an easy guide for home builders to use when choosing materials for their homes. Please see the tables below for the solar absorptance and BASIX colour classification for our products.

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Solar Absorption

SA = Solar Absorbance. The classification of colours in the BCA is based on solar absorptance, which is the inverse of solar reflectance, expressed as a ratio between 0 and 1. A SA value of 0 indicates that a roof absorbs none of the solar energy applied to it while a value of 1 indicates that a roof absorbs 100% of the incoming solar radiation.

BCA = The Building Code of Australia (BCA) has classified roof colour on the basis of their solar absorptance, referred herein as Light (L < 0.40), Medium (M < 0.60), Dark (D > 0.60).

Tile Colour Range BCA Classification BASIX Rating Solar Absorptance
BEACH Classic Medium Medium .52
PEARL Classic Light Light .271
SAND Classic Light Light .435
CHAR GREY Classic Dark Dark .884
CHARCOAL Classic Dark Dark .935
CHOC ROYALE Classic Dark Dark .907
STEEL Classic Medium Medium 0.479
COAL Classic Dark Dark .935
PEBBLE Classic Medium Medium .565
SAVANNAH Classic Dark Dark .794
GUN METAL Classic Dark Dark .918
LUNA ECLIPSE Classic Dark Dark .958
MICA Classic Dark Dark .844
NICKEL Classic Dark Dark .952
MULGA Classic Dark Dark .867
SHADOW Classic Dark Dark .935
RADIUM Prestige Dark Dark .937
MERCURY Prestige Dark Dark .841
LITHIUM Prestige Light Light .271
TITANIUM Prestige Dark Dark .875
TUNGSTEN Prestige Dark Dark .914
PALLADIUM Prestige Medium Medium .559
CARBIDE Prestige Dark Dark .958
CARBON Prestige Dark Dark .958
ABERDEEN Heritage Dark Dark .74
STONEHENGE Heritage Dark Dark .918
NEWCASTLE Heritage Dark Dark .935
BLACKSTONE Heritage Dark Dark .958
PHOENIX Traditional(VIC)/Designer Dark Dark .957
REDWOOD Traditional(VIC) Medium Medium .671
SANCTUARY Traditional(VIC)/Designer Dark Dark .866
EMBER Traditional(VIC)/Designer Medium Medium .65
MAGNUM Traditional(VIC)/Designer Dark Dark .920
CHOCOLAT Traditional Dark Dark .908
SURFSPRAY Designer Light Light .289
OAK Designer Dark Dark ..798
PARCHMENT Designer Medium Medium .545
MALLEE Designer Dark Dark .867
LIMESTONE Designer Dark Dark .854
DESERT DUNE Designer Medium Medium .52
BRONZE Designer Dark Dark .907
SLATE Vienna Dark Dark .821
TRUFFLE Vienna Dark Dark .70
GRANITE Vienna Dark Dark .845
PEPPER Vienna Medium Medium .555
SLATE Marseille Dark Dark .821
GRAPHITE Marseille Dark Dark .862
TRUFFLE Marseille Dark Dark .70
AMBER HAZE Marseille Medium Medium .675
ROJA Marseille Medium Medium .54
GRANITE Marseille Dark Dark .845
JASPEE ROJA Marseille Medium Medium .579
BURNT OCHRE Marseille Dark Dark .766
MEDITERREANA Marseille Medium Medium .54
SLATE Planum Dark Dark .821
BLACKSTONE Planum Dark Dark .821
TRUFFLE Planum Dark Dark .70
OYSTER Planum Medium Medium .662
ROJA Planum Medium Medium .54
COCOA Planum Dark Dark .822
CAVIAR Planum Dark Dark .845
PEPPER Planum Medium Medium .555
JASPEE ROJA Planum Medium Dark .579
TURRON Planum Medium Medium .61
SLATE Visum Dark Dark .821
TRUFFLE Visum Dark Dark .70
OLD ENGLAND Visum Dark Dark .744
RUSSET Visum Dark Dark .802
SLATE Curvado/Medio Curva Dark Dark .821
TRUFFLE Curvado/Medio Curva Dark Dark .70
ROJA Curvado/Medio Curva Medium Medium .54
MEDITERREANA Curvado/Medio Curva Medium Medium .54
JASPEE ROJA Curvado/Medio Curva Medium Dark .579
CONAC (GLAZED) Curvado Glazed Dark Dark .747
COBALT AZUL (GLAZED) Curvado Glazed Dark Dark .843
AZUL (GLAZED) Curvado Glazed Dark Dark .77
BOTTLE GREEN (GLAZED) Curvado Glazed Dark Dark .874
OLIVE GREEN (GLAZED) Curvado Glazed Dark Dark .834
TRANS ROJA (GLAZED) Curvado Glazed Medium Medium .623
HONEY (GLAZED) Curvado Glazed Medium Medium .669
WHITE (GLAZED) Curvado Glazed Light Light .259
BLACK (GLAZED) Curvado Glazed Dark Dark .898

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