Bristile Roofing 8 point process Reroofing Service

With one of the largest roofing specialist teams in Australia and an extensive range of roofing products from Australia and around the world, Bristile is the leader in roof installation.

Our team of specialists are on hand to walk you through the process of selecting your roof with selection centres in key locations across Australia. We make a point of learning what’s important to you, the style you’re seeking to achieve, and any special considerations we can take into account to ensure the service we offer meets your requirements.

Once we have your plans our estimating department will promptly offer a quote with pricing for a basic installation plus optional extra’s and upgrades noted so you have all the facts. We offer an obligation free quote with clear communication about what we will do and how much it will cost.

To ensure you’re completely comfortable with the quote and understand the various options put forward were happy sit down with you and explain the details in depth so you understand and can make a selection thats right for you.

Once approved our team will contact you to arrange and installation date and time. In most cases Bristile can install your new roof within 7 – 10 days depending on the requirements of the project.

Upon completion our contracting team will inspect your roof to ensure that it has been fixed to Australian standards and that it has been cleared of rubbish and debris. Bristile Re Roofing offers an installation war ranty on re roofs for added peace of mind.

For more information to book you free quote please call us on 1300 274 784 or email

Re Roofing

Bristile is the re roofing specialist. Many people dont realise that in many cases the cost of repainting or fixing an existing roof can be comparable to having the whole house re roofed.

The advantage of re roofing, other than the replacement of the existing roof with brand new product, is that re roofing ensures that all potential issues with existing products and installation problems are overcome because we pull off the existing roof and refix the new roof to the standards set out in our comprehensive installation warranty and the Australian standard AS2050. In fact if you choose to re roof with new Bristile concrete roof tiles we even offer a 50 year product warranty for added piece of mind.


we identify all the existing and potential roof issues before we get started. In some cases it might not be necessary to do a full re roof for any reason other than aesthetics so our team check over the roof thoroughly to offer the most effective solution for your needs and your budget.

If your re roofing to improve your homes aesthetics Bristile has you covered with a huge range of products from Bristile Roofing and other manufacturers. In cases where you simply need part of the roof refitted we work through our extensive distributor network to source tiles that match the existing roof, ensuring the new and old parts of the roof blend together seemlessly.

Most re roofs will only take a day to install once our team are on site (depending on the size of the project). Our experienced team of sub contractors will install the roof tiles while our Re Roofing Manager and Contracting Supervisers inspect each and every roof installed to ensure it meets Bristile’s exacting standards.

The Bristile Re Roofing 8 point process:

1. Our roofing specialists will come to your home and inspect your roof to determine whats required.

2. We offer you a comprehensive quote with your roof inspection to define exactly what needs to be done and how much it will cost with no hidden costs. Dont forget to ask about roof sarking which can only be installed when you’re installing a new roof. Sarking and other accessories are shown on your quote as optional extra’s for you to consider.

3. Once your happy with your quote its time for you to choose your new roof tiles. Bristile Roofing has a network of displays across Australia where our friendly staff can walk you through the process of choosing the roofing product thats right for you.

4. Our team of roofing specialists will remove your existing roof before we install new product.

5. If you’ve opted for sarking, this will be installed first before our Bristile Re Roofing specialists install your new roof tiles.

6. ‘Ridge’ roof tiles are bedded and pointed.

7. We clean up any debris or rubbish from the roof and surrounding areas.

8. Our re roofing team will conduct one last inspection to ensure the roof has been fitted according to the Australian Standard.

Fascia and Gutter

When it comes to fascia and gutters, Bristile has you covered.


At Bristile we offer a range of fascia and gutter services to meet your needs and budget.
Fascia and gutters can encounter any number of issues from becoming unstuck to suffering corrosion/ rust. Whatever the problem, Bristile will offer a solution thats cost effective, timely, and that will meet your needs. We use quality fascia and gutter products sourced from Australia’s leading manufacturers.
To discuss your specific requirements please call our friendly customer service team on 1300 274 784 or email


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