Benefits of Roof Tiles

Benefits of Roof Tiles

Tiles have been around for centuries proving their long lasting style, durability and sustainability. With natural thermal mass insulation
properties, clay and concrete roof tiles contribute to the overall thermal performance and energy savings of a well designed home. Read
more about what makes our roof tiles such a successful building product.


Concrete Roof Tiles are offered with a 50 Year
Product Warranty.

This means that for a period of 50 years your concrete roof tiles are
guaranteed to remain structurally sound*.


Ceramic Roof Tiles are offered with a Colour For Life Warranty.

This means that the roof tile you buy is warrantied to remain the same
colour for the life of the product.


All roofs installed by Bristile Roofing are offered
with a 10 Year Total Roof Warranty.

This warranty states that we guarantee the roof has been installed
properly and that the roof tiles and all accessory products we install are
under warranty for 10 years*. No other roofing company in Australia
offers this warranty.


Roof Tiles are tank water safe.

Water run off from tiled roofs is as safe to use as that from any other
roofing material.


Roof Tiles are available in a huge range of colours
and profiles.

Roof tiles are available in more colour and profile combinations than any
other commonly used roofing product in Australia.


Roof Tiles are excellent sound insulators.

Roof tiles can reduce noise by 30 decibels which is more than twice the
noise reduction achieved by other commonly used roofing materials.
This means that roof tiles reduce the intrusion of external noises into
internal living areas.


Roof Tiles won’t corrode or rust.

Roof tiles are rust and corrosion resistant which means they are suitable
for installation in Australia’s harsh coastal environments.


Roof Tiles are strong and durable.

Roof tiles must comply with strict standards in strength, with concrete
roof tiles actually getting stronger with age and terracotta roof tiles being
even stronger than concrete roof tiles.


Roof Tiles are fire resistant.

Roof tiles are ideal for use in bushfire prone areas as they are non


Roof Tiles are lower in embodied energy than some
competing roofing products.

Testing shows that roof tiles are lower in embodied energy than some
other commonly used roofing materials.


Roof Tiles can reduce cooling requirements.

Testing of similarly coloured roofing products shows that use of roof tiles
can result in lower cooling requirements when compared with other
commonly used roofing materials.


Roof Tiles reflect heat away from your home.

Testing shows roof tiles will reflect more heat away from the home than
other commonly used roofing materials. This effectively reduces the
need for artificial cooling devices and thereby reduces energy use.


Roof Sarking improves solar reflection.

Sarking acts as a thermal barrier, reflecting up to 95% of radiant heat
away from the roof space. A roof combining sarking and roof tiles can
achieve an R value of 1.5, further reducing the need for artificial cooling
and energy use.


Concrete Roof Tiles are an affordable choice.

Concrete roof tiles are one of the most affordable roofing products on the
Australian market.


Roof tiles are suitable for installation in cyclone

To ensure your roof is cyclone ready in C2 and C3 rated areas tiled roofs
installed to AS 2050 will have every roof tile, ridge, hip and barge tile
mechanically secured and heavy duty sarking installed across the entire

*Conditions apply with all warranties issued by Bristile roofing. Please see warranty documents on the Bristile Roofing website for full
details of what each warranty entails.


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