Reroofing Consideration

Things To Consider When Reroofing Your Home

Some things to think about

1. Get good advice and don’t rush your decision
There’s nothing like getting hands–on when choosing product, and talking face–to–face with the experts. With a number of Design Centres across Australia, we’re ready to help, with product displays, colour advice, design ideas as well as insider tips and tricks.

2. Understand that there is a difference between concrete and clay roof tiles
Each has their advantages. Clay, for example, is one of the only roofing materials where the colour does not fade over time.You would be mad to take off clay tiles and replace them with a less premium product for example.

3. Consider the whole roof space
Used together, sarking, insulation and ventilation can significantly reduce the amount of energy required to heat and cool your home.This saves you money on energy bills and ensures comfortable living conditions all year round.

4. The look
Think about maintaining the architectural look of the area you live in and the era of your house. In the older suburbs and regions of Australia, clay was used and is still the best way to ensure your roof looks fantastic for years to come.

5. Colour choice
Choose the colour of your new roof based on the complementary colours of the rest of it’s exterior.

6. The design rule
Designers have used a scale known as “60, 30, 10” for years. It’s simply a definition for the proportions of a design space.

The largest proportion of your design space has the largest impact and is given the proportion of 60%. For the façade of your home this is the exterior walls.

The next proportion of the design space is given the proportion of 30%. Although not as large as the 60%, it still has a large impact on the overall look of the design. For the façade of your home this is the roof tiles.

The final 10% of the design space is the least dominant area of the space, however no less important. In fact this selection can make or break the design of your home. For the façade of your home this is the gutter, fascia, windows and doors.

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