Tomorrow’s look today


Bristile terracotta roof tiles have always echoed Australian style, character and integrity.

Loving the Australian lifestyle as we do and embracing the sophistication and the laidback contemporary look, La Escandella Ghost White terracotta roof tiles do more than simply showcase the desirability of an open, luxurious home. They provide the sustainable, durable and low solar absorptance rating we need if our homes are going to perform as well as they look, for many years to come.

When creating your home, being mindful of efficiency and quality is definitely a trend that’s going to endure. Harnessing the natural elements, finding ways to reduce energy consumption and embracing natural and flexible materials, will all prove to be influential in our home design and architectural styles.

Achieving a unique look for our homes is more than simply adopting a particular colour. Layering textures and tones, complementing mixed materials and using a subtle and refined palette for all of our spaces, ensures we embrace both indoor and outdoor areas. Making spaces both beautiful and functional and allowing us to appreciate every design aspect of our homes.


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