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Hi, my name is Darren Pybus and I’m the Contracting manager for Bristile Roofing in Victoria. It’s my job to oversee all the roofing installations for the Bristile Roofing business in Victoria and to manage estimating, quoting, job allocation, customer service, installation, transport, clean up and finish off. Whether it be overseeing the installation on new jobs or managing any customer enquiries regarding installation, myself and my team ensure that every Bristile roof is installed and to our standards.

I started by career in the roofing industry as a roofing apprentice for Monier Roofing in Hobart in 1986. The reason I was drawn to roofing is hard to remember now but I think I just enjoyed working outside, working with my hands, and being able to leave every day and to see the fruits of your labour. By 1990 I had finished my apprenticeship and started running my own business and contracting to various builders in the Hobart area. In 1999 work began to slow in Hobart so I moved to Melbourne and created a company called Ruby Roofing. Running Ruby put me in charge and gave me the freedom to run the business the way I wanted. I took on apprentices and expanded the work I could take on which was exciting at the time as you see your business grow. By 2007 I was ready for a change and I started work for Monier Roofing as a Roofing Supervisor. My day to day involved checking roofs, working with sub contractors, apprentices and trouble shooting as situations arose. 6 years later in 2013 I took a promotion to become Contracting Manager for Boral Roofing which was another big challenge. I had gone from being the boss at Ruby, to working for someone else at Monier, and at Boral I got the best of both worlds – running the contracting department but still working for a larger business.

Finally, in 2017 I moved to Bristile Roofing as the Contracting Manager for the Victorian business. I now work with a large team, I work with a lot of tradesmen and apprentices, coordinate a lot of roof installations and still get out on site, just in a different capacity to what I did back in Hobart when I started in the industry.

When I started my roofing apprenticeship I had no idea it would take to me to where I am now. If you’re thinking about an apprenticeship I’d encourage you to BECOME A ROOFER and take your career to new heights.


Darren Pybus

Bristile Roofing in Victoria
Contracting manager

My name is Joel Massey and I’m the Contracting manager for Bristile Roofing Queensland. I oversee all Bristile Roofing’s projects in Queensland. My section of the business organises a vast range of operations including; estimating, quoting, customer service, installation, transport, clean up and finish off. There is a lot of variety in my day and I can quite often be going from one side of the city to the other in the same day just managing jobs and organising my team.

In terms of my time in the industry, well….Im actually a 3rd generation roof tiler. My dad was a roofing sub contractor for 35 years and my grand father before him who was a roof tiler and then a roofing supervisor at Monier in Brisbane.

I started roof tiling at a young age, working in the school holidays to earn some pocket money by loading roof tiles on the elevator for my dad. My dad was encouraging and the work was hard but I took to it pretty easily and things just went from there. I started my apprenticeship in 2003 and finished in 2007 before working for my dad and then Mark Sims at Monier. When my dad retired in 2008 I was offered a position with Bristile Roofing as the Fascia Gutter Coordinator and spent the next few years working in various roles within Bristile’s contracting department. I’ve done everything from estimating, customer service, coordinating jobs, fascia gutter coordination, and more recently metal roofing contracting support. The work changed a lot from when I started as I moved through various roles and I enjoyed it as it help me in getting a better understanding of how jobs are estimated, quoted, allocated and run through the office.

After a few years in the office I was given the opportunity to become a roof supervisor which saw me out on the road, working with roof tilers and helping address any issues on site. I much prefer being outside and working with our roofing contractors so I jumped at the chance. I enjoyed the work but was asked to join the reroofing team in 2014 where I could get back on site full time, working on jobs, and back on the tools so I took the opportunity. Now I’m the Contracting Manager for Bristile Roofing Queensland, I oversee the installation of thousands of jobs per year, work with roof tiling contractors across the state, and a large team of people at Bristile Roofing. When I started my roofing apprenticeship I had no idea it would take to me to this opportunity so I’m grateful I did it. If you’re thinking about an apprenticeship I’d’ encourage you to BECOME A ROOFER and take your career to new heights.


Joel Massey

Bristile Roofing Queensland
Contracting manager

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