Roof Sarking for Extra Protection

Roof sarking helps protect your roof from wind driven rain and draughts, as well as providing complaince to BAL bush fire ember attack.


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dust barrier

In an unsarked roof, airborne dust can enter and collect in the ceiling
space, bringing potentially harmful contaminants into your home.
Sarking will significantly reduce the build up of dust in your roof space,
giving you a more comfortable living environment.


storm Protection

In extreme weather conditions, hail or flying debris can damage the roof.
Sarking can assist channel moisture away into the gutters and protecting
the interior of your home from potential water damage.


Bushfire protection

Sarking is mandatory in bushfire prone areas. Sarking helps protect your
home from flying embers entering the ceiling space through the roof in
the event of a bushfire.


Energy efficiency

All new homes in Australia are now required to meet minimum
standards of energy efficiency. Installing sarking in your ceiling space
will help minimise the loss of precious heat during the winter, keep your
home cool during the summer and help reduce your energy use. When
installed under roof tiles, sarking will reflect up to 95% of radiant heat
away from the roof space and can add up to R1.3 to the thermal
resistance of the roof system.


Roof Cavity Protection

Helps protect your roof cavity from wind driven rain, which if left
untreated, can result in unseen mould growth or even worse, ceiling
staining and permanent damage.


Improved Air Gap R Value

Contributes a reflective air gap R-Value which slows the transfer of heat
into the roof cavity, helping ceiling insulation create a more energy
efficient home. Helps reduce draughts in the roof space which helps
limit dust entering the home through gaps around down lights and


Improves Bushfire Protection

Provides compliance to BAL bush fire ember attack requirements in
accordance AS3959 by providing a secondary form of ember protection
for the roof space – all products comply with a flammability index of less
than or equal to 5 when tested in accordance with AS1530.2.


Energy efficiency

Summer (heat down) performance is typically better than winter (heat
up) performance – consequently reflective foil laminates typically
perform better in warmer climates;


Insulation contribution

Reflective foil laminates can provide a Total R-Value of up to R1.8
summer (heat flow down) insulation contribution1 when positioned
adjacent to an air cavity in an attic space. In these applications, this Total
R-Value can be added to ceiling insulation to further enhance the energy
efficiency of your home.


Vapour barrier

Reflective foil laminates restrict the flow of moisture both in and out of the building structure.


Roof sarking offers a host of benefits which can improve the
comfort of your home and save you money. Click the link to
see the difference Roof Sarking can make.


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